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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Yabatech Art Complex Consumed by Mysterious Fire | Photo

The yaba college of technology has been having managerial troubles recently..from the
student protest against cultism to fighting..i just pray order is restored soon.
The latest trouble that went down in the institution happened yesterday, a building was
gutted by a mysterious fire. The Yabatech art complex was completely burnt destroying
important documents and past question papers and
it was learnt that the fire that enveloped the entire four storey building was noticed at
about 10. 00 am in the morning, thereby causing confusion in the college.Eye witness
reports reveal that thick smoke was seen coming out of the windows of the building
before some students dashed down to the complex to know what was happening, on
getting there and noticing it was a fire,they raised alarm and the fire service was called
in to put out the inferno.


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