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Thursday, 19 September 2013

"Jose Mourinho isn't special anymore" - checkout who said this

The losses are stacking up for Jose Mourinho early into his return to Chelsea .
Considering he was sacked after a 1-1 draw at home to Rosenberg in the Champions League
six years ago, the sight of Roman Abramovich heading into the dressing room after the 2-1
defeat to Basel will not have been welcomely received.
Now the Russian has spent a lot of money,
and effort on bringing Mourinho back in,
and he will want to give him as much time
as possible.
But of course concern will
be building as
to whether the 'Special One', still has the
magic touch.
This was the exact criticism levelled at the
boss by Arsenal fan Piers Morgan, who
used his twitter feed to poke fun at the
club following their defeat, and to take the
mickey out of his pals who are fans of the
Such distressing news from Stamford Bridge. Jose seems to have
retained the 'One' but not the 'Special'.
@KP24 @markaustinitv @robmcgibbon
9:30 PM - 18 Sep 2013
Piers Morgan
It's an easy jab to take, and even Jose is more humble these days. Special or not, he won't be
the 'Happy One' this morning.



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