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Monday, 9 September 2013

Bizarre!!! Man Set To Marry Goat 'He Is Love With' At Devils Church

Despite hearing about oddities often and reporting bizarre happenings all the time, I still find my self very shocked at the weirdness of some reports I come across, like this one.
Aparecido Castaldo, a retired stone cutter from Jundiai, Brazil has decided to marry his beloved Carmella, a goat. Because no Christian minister would agree to perform the marriage ceremony, the two will be wed by a known satanic leader, in the Church of the Devil.

People have married their pets in the past, although in most cases the marriage ceremony was just a symbolic one performed by family or friends. However, 74-year old Aparecido Castaldo, a widower and father-of-seven, apparently wanted to be united with his goat Carmela in a church, by an evangelical minister. Unfortunately, none of the churches he contacted with his unusual request wanted to perform the ceremony, so Aparecido eventually contacted Toninho do Diabo (Tom the Devil), an old friend who just happens to be one of the most famous satanists in Brazil. The wedding is scheduled to take place at midnight, on October 13, at the Devil’s Church, in Sao Paolo. ”Only our church accepted this love between man and animal because we have no prejudice,” Toninho said. SMH.
After the October 13 wedding, Aparecido plans to celebrate his union to Carmela with a barbecue party, but makes it very clear that there won’t be any goat meat served…


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