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Friday, 6 September 2013

Sex Facts..The good The bad and The Ugly

#1 Sex causes the body to release endorphins, which can lighten pains  Headaches aren’t an excuse anymore! Actually, most cardiovascular exercise causes the release of endorphins, so a job would work just as well. But let’s face it: Hitting the sheets sounds much more appealing, doesn’t it?  #2 On average, people who have sex 3 times a week are perceived to look 4 to 7 years younger Bah, who needs anti-aging creams? Also, despite the fact that there’s science behind this fact, we can’t help but think it sounds like a really terrible attempt at picking up a cougar.  #3 A Scottish study found that after orgasm, people had an easier time with public speaking So, sex cures stage fright, eh? Well, it makes sense, after all you just…ahem, “performed,” didn’t you? So, it makes sense to keep a thumb on your phone book next time you have to  #4 A poll found that those in the most conservative and religious states tend to look at online pornography more often Classic. When you ban or censor something in a society, all you’re doing is making it that much more appealing. Additionally, in these states there was seen to be a lower amount of people downloading porn on Sundays… hmm, we wonder why?  #5 Humans, along with dolphins and chimps, are the only living things that have sex for pleasure Fun as it may be for us, in most of the animal kingdom, sex is strictly business. Looking at the mating habits of some species of animals- the hyena, or the praying mantis for example- it’s not hard to guess why. Yikes!  #6 34% of men have told lies in order to have sex, versus 10% of women Okay ladies, before you go off calling your guy a dirty liar, the definition of “lies” here is pretty loose. Some of the guys in the study who were interviewed merely felt they had led their partners on, and counted that as lying. Still, keep your wits about you when you’re on a date! give a presentation at work.  #7 One in 50 people claim to have had sex in an airplane The so-called Mile High Club isn’t an exclusive club, but it’s certainly a small one! Though we can’t say we’re exactly surprised. Not only is it potentially very embarrassing, but we’ve been inside airplane bathrooms, and we can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to do the deed in there!  #8 Greek couples have sex the most times per year at 138; Japanese couples are at the bottom of the list with 45 Really? After seeing all of the strange YouTube videos that have come out of Japan in the last few years, we figured they’d be huge freaks! We’re not terribly surprised about the Greek people, though. After all, the ancient Greeks were the ones who had their own deity specifically for debauchery.  #9 Studies show that men who have sex more often tend to have a longer life expectancy Men, if your partner isn’t feeling in the mood, this might be a good line to try out to convince her. And after all, if she doesn’t want you to live longer, maybe it’s time to start rethinking your relationship?  #10 Women who read romance novels tend to have twice as many lovers as women who do not Correlation doesn’t necessarily mean much, but ladies, if you’re experiencing a dry spell, maybe you should try this! Though we don’t really recommend bringing “50 Shades of Grey” out in public. Everyone knows what you’re up to..  #13 In Hong Kong, a wife who gets cheated on is legally allowed to kill her husband- but only with her bare hands Whoa! Well, it seems there’s more than one way to lower infidelity rates! We assume the “bare hands” clause was created to make sure the woman really wants to kill the husband. Still, seems a little medieval, no?



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