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Friday, 27 September 2013

The 'White Widow' behind the Kenyan mall massacre was in Nigeria

According to a report by UK Daily Mirror, Samantha Lewthwaite, the British woman known as
the “White Widow” accused of masterminding the Kenyan shopping mall massacre that left 68
people dead and over 170 injured was in Nigeria sometime ago and evaded detection.
From Daily Mirror ;
If White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite is on the run she will be hard to catch. If Lewthwaite
were to be on the run in Kenya, Nigeria or Somalia, it would be a easier to evade detection
than in Europe. She would be wearing a veil, and sensitivities about searching Muslim
women would be observed so she could easily slip through difficult checkpoints.
In Nigeria, where police forces are notoriously corrupt, there were reports she was almost
caught a while ago, but she bribed her way out of trouble. Extremist communities such as
al-Shabaab are tight-knit in these
countries, making it difficult to recruit agents to
penetrate them and trace her.
And Lewthwaite may hold a great deal of power as a special kind of jihadist, having proved her
worth in previous attacks. As a white convert mum and widow of a 7/7 bomber, she would be
invaluable propaganda and would command huge loyalty. Also, the austere nature of her
adopted culture means she would rarely go out, so there would be few opportunities to follow
her. Bounties have failed to nail jihadists as money has no value to individuals loyal to the


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