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Monday, 30 September 2013

Jim Iyke gets Delivered From Evil Demons On TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV!

In a very interesting turn of events, Nollywood's badboy Jim Iyke is the latest thespian to
be 'delivered from DEMONS at Pastor TB Joshua's synagogue church of all nations.
According to numerous sources who watched the live service on Emmanuel TV around 5
pm this evening, the Nollywood actor was in the congregation and came to the front with
his sister when it was time for deliverance.
As the 'Wise-Man'(pastor) ministering was passing by, eye witnesses say he suddenly
stopped by the actor and started commanding the evil spirit to come out.
'Come OUT!!! Come OUT!!!' The 'Wise-Man' shouted.
At this point, the 'demon' started manifesting. Jim fell to the ground and
started rolling
uncontrollably. After subsequent prayers from the 'Wise-man', the demon through Jim's
mouth started confessing in a very fierce, unrecognizable voice.
According to the 'demon', it possessed Jim to destroy his life and career. The 'demon'
confessed that Jim was no longer capable of 'loving' and that he would NEVER allow Jim get
As the  'demon' continued to confess 'it's mission', Jim had to be held in other not take off
running or fall again.
After the confession and deliverance, He fell flat to the ground. By the time he was helped
up, he was sweating profusely, and looked convincingly confused and
embarrassed. Still
perplexed, he got up and then started asking for his shoes saying : "WHERE ARE MY SHOES
MEHN?". He then stated categorically that he was EMBARRASSED.
The whole time, his sister was present offering him moral support. She eventually led him
back to his seat, as other worshipers scrambled to take pictures of the famous Nollywood
On getting to his seat, a defeated and humbled Jim Iyke lay on the floor again weeping,
apparently still embarrassed from the in explainable show before the whole church; but
except this did not happen in one of his Nollywood blockbusters, this was witnessed live by
thousands who attended the Synagogue church of all nations today.
The 'Wise-Man' asked Jim to see him after the service, as church officials struggled to
maintain decorum because many onlookers still struggled to take snaps of the embarrassed
Nollywood actor.
It will be recalled that sometime in April this year, Nollywood actress Camilla
Mberekpe was similarly delivered of demons at this same synagogue church of all nations.
Just like you, I'm still shocked beyond words. Do leave your comments.


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