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Friday, 27 September 2013

Are you a side chick??

Has anyone here seen the movie ‘I think I love my wife”?? I got the inspiration to write this
article from the movie. What is SIDE CHICK??? More appropriate: Who is a SIDE CHICK???
According to an online dictionary,
SIDE CHICK can be said to be the other woman; also known as the mistress; a female that
is neither a male’s wife nor girlfriend who has relations with
the male while he is in
another relationship. Check out this conversation between two friends:
Lola: Look at Tina and Bayo…are they going out?
Tolu: No Lola! Bayo is dating Funmi. Tina is just his sidechick
The Side Chick, the Mistress, the Other Woman, a vixen to some, an evil temptress to
others, whatever name you may have for her, she has tramped her way all across the
media making a reputation for herself as a sexy, influential, classy, and potentially
destructive force to be reckoned with in a man’s life! The Side Chick has so much appeal
these days, that I heard that in the movie, “I Think I Love My Wife,” more actresses
auditioned for the side chick role than did the wife’s role. Why does the side chick have so
much sex appeal? I have come up with two reasons (really one when you think about it):
she’s usually beautiful, and she works hard to please and appeal to the guy that she’s
The Side Chick usually “keeps her game tight,” meaning that she has put a lot of energy
and hard work into her appearance and presentation. When she walks by, guys have taken
notice, sometimes to their demise if they foolishly stare while presently with their wife or
girlfriend! Married couples and other couples in committed relationships, both men and
women, tend to get complacent in their relationships, under a notion that now that they
have their significant other, they don’t have to put a lot of energy into their appearance. If
a potential side chick discovers this about the main woman of the man she’s after, usually
she’ll not only try to look her best when he’s around, she may even take it further and find
out what he likes, whether it’s miniskirts, fish net panty hose etc, or if he likes certain
body parts of a woman, she’ll wear clothes that accentuate that area of her frame. She’s a
marketer and she plays for keeps so if you have a man (and you want to keep him… lol),
“keep your game tight” even if he has convinced you that he isn’t going anywhere. Just
because you got him doesn’t mean that you should stop doing things that make him still
chase after you!
If a potential sidechick doesn’t have a lot going on with her appearance and presentation,
she may just present herself as “easy” and “shameless.” And though she’s okay with being
merely one of the women in a man’s life, a Side Chick can also be a skilled researcher and
developer in the area of what her targeted man likes. She may throw herself at him and see
how he responds (“easy” and “shameless” can be very effective “marketing campaigns” for
her), or she may covertly ‘friend’ the husband or boyfriend and gathers intelligence on him
as to:
1. what he likes
2. and what his wife or girlfriend isn’t doing for him that he wishes she would do for
If a girlfriend/fiancĂ©e/wife isn’t careful, the Side Chick may even befriend HER and gather
intelligence on the guy. Again, if you have a man and you want to keep him, keep him
Women who are comfortable with the role of a side chick can be likened to a hurricane, if
you aren’t prepared for one, they can be devastating to a relationship, a family, and even a
man’s general successes and hard work.
Some ladies are happy being sidechicks. They only need guidelines and laid down rules
that will make them the perfect ‘other’ woman. Don’t blame them though, not every girl can
be lucky to hold the number 1 position in a man’s life. The part 2 of this article will focus
on the Basic Rules for SideChick. Situations around me have made it clear to me that
some side chicks are confused about their role in relationships. In the spirit of helping all
the “other women” out there, I will offer some rules that can help them succeed in their role
as sidechicks.
Yours in Press,
Adeniran Olugbenga


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