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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Stampede near Indian Temple kills 89 people

Officials in India say at least 89 people were killed and 100 injured Sunday in a stampede on a
bridge leading to a remote Hindu temple in Madhya Pradesh state.
Police warned the death toll could rise as medics struggled to reach victims in the crush,
which was triggered by rumors the bridge was about to collapse.
Some devotees were crushed to death under the feet of fellow worshippers, while others
drowned after falling or jumping into the Sindh River.

Navaratra festival at the Ratangarh temple. Many were already inside when the stampede took
Witnesses said the situation was exacerbated by police attempting to control the crowd with
batons, prompting many people to panic.
India has a long history of deadly stampedes at
religious festivals.
Local media said as many as 500,000 devotees had gathered to celebrate the popular 10-day


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