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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

32-yr-old man butchers uncle over destiny manipulation

A man identified as Chinweoru Ugbo, 32, was weekend arrested by the Onueke
Divisional Police Command, Ebonyi State for allegedly butchering his uncle, Mr. Ogbuleji
Nwite, 78, with an axe.
The crime was allegedly committed at Nsokkara Community in Ezza South Local Government
Area of the state over claims that the deceased was diabolically manipulating Ugbo’s destiny.
The suspect allegedly lured his victim to a lonely farmland near a neighbouring community in
Amagu, under the guise of showing him (the victim) a piece of land he wanted to purchase.
He reportedly inflicted 27 cuts on late Mr. Nwite in the early hours of Saturday, unaware that
some people saw him.
Vanguard gathered that the suspect was caught by the villagers at Igweledoha Nsokkara
community, when he was packing his luggage to flee the community.
It was also learnt that the suspect, a trader resident at Owerri in Imo State, was said to have
returned home on Friday night with the intention of killing his uncle.
Eyewitnesses’ story
An eyewitness, Nweke Nwankwo, alleged that the act took place in a vegetable farmland.
The witness said: “I was on top of a palm tree harvesting fruits and saw both of them
conversing. I never suspected anything because they were relatives.
“But I felt cold to the spine when the boy started brutalising the old man, who recently
returned from the hospital after an eye surgery.”
Another witness, a woman who spoke on condition of anonymity, stated that she was weeding
in her farm, some distance from the scene, when she heard a cry.
She said: “I did not know that an abomination was being committed because the loud shout
was just once.
“I continued with my job until passers-by, who first sighted the dead body, raised alarm.”
It was learnt that a white T-shirt, which an eyewitness claimed the suspect wore that morning,
was brought out from his room with blood stains.