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Friday, 11 October 2013

PICTURE: Who is the fastest player in the world? The answer may surprise you

Ronaldo? Messi? Nope, you’re wrong, they’re not even in the top three. It’s all about one of
David Moyes’ midfield men.
Cristiano Ronaldo can do all the commericals he likes, racing against a glamorous car but he
still isn't quicker than Antonio Valencia .
According to FIFA calculations, he’s the quickest player on the planet who can reach a speed

of just over 35 kph, around 22 mph.
That’s far quicker than Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo , fourth in the top ten, and
Barcelona’s Lionel Messi who comes in at sixth.
It’s not all bad news for Los Blancos
however, as new signing Gareth Bale is hot
on the heels of Valencia at the top of the
speed table clocking in at 34.7 kph or
21.56 mph.
There is a third place for Tottenham
Hotspur winger Aaron Lennon and for all
the abuse Wayne Rooney has to endure
about being stocky, the Manchester
United man is only fractionally slower than
Messi according to the FIFA stats.
There are also appearances for Arsenal ,
Bayern Munich and another Barcelona
player in the top ten.


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