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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cell Phone Takes Bullet For Gas Station Clerk | Photo

During a robbery in Winter Garden, Fla., a gunman fires at a gas station clerk, and the
Sprint HTC in the clerk’s shirt pocket takes the blow.
Engineers delight in putting pens in their shirt pockets. For gas station clerks, however,
the location of your cell phone in your shirt pocket could save your life.This seemed to
be the case at a Winter Garden, Fla., Hess gas station, which was subject to a holdup.
As WFTV reports it , a man walked in, demanded the safe be opened, and brandished a
gun. Two clerks tried to open the safe, but failed. The robber took off, but not before
turning and firing at one of the clerks, when the police arrived, one of the clerks
complained of chest pain. A touch of angina? No, a bullet to his HTC.