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Monday, 28 October 2013

Mysterious figures also shows up at Stamford Bridge (Photos)

Mysterious sightings continued to rock football on Sunday as 11 cloaked
figures sat in the famous Shed End at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea’s match
against Manchester City .
On Sunday evening, the 11 men sat motionless throughout the match, but did
celebrate by raising their fists together when Chelsea scored both of their
goals in the 2-1 victory.
The baffling presence caps off a strange week for the sport after Hackney
Marshes in London’s east end and Rio de Janiero’s Sugarloaf Mountain were
both invaded by unexplained balls, including a three-metre football.
At Stamford Bridge, the mysterious men wore white paint on their faces, with
a black triangle painted on their foreheads.
Twitter was awash with speculation about why the men were there. @b4llack
tweeted: “Who were the weird guys in black at Stamford Bridge today?”
Another tweeter made the raised the possibility that the mysterious sightings
are connected. @Peter_NotMorgan said: “The weird-black-robed-martian
looking 11 are gracing Stamford Bridge. Same chaps who were at Allianz
The latest reports from across Europe state that similar men, wearing the same
outfits, were seen at the Allianz Arena in Munich – the home of Bayern
Munich – and
Juventus Stadium in Turin, too.
It is not yet known whether the footballs on Hackney Marshes and the strange
groups of men are linked.
The cryptic words #WINNERTAKESEARTH were printed on the footballs in
Brazil and Hackney – but supernatural experts are unable to explain how the
words are linked to the strange sightings.
What could this be? We managed to capture some video footage of these
obscure sightings during the match on Sunday at Stamford Bridge.
Take a look above and see if you can grasp the meaning of this and why
football has become the target of these seemingly paranormal events.