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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Man Impregnates Wife, 16-Year-Old Daughter Same Time

There was drama in Kilgoris when a group of women stormed
the home of a middle-aged man believed to have impregnated
his sixteen year-old daughter.
The women marched into the homestead of Samson Momposh
whose daughter is nursing a one-month-old baby. Momposh
is alleged to have slept with the standard six pupil and
fathered her child, an allegation he
His wife and daughter fell pregnant at the same time and are
both nursing babies of almost the same age alleged to have
been fathered by Momposh.
The women, armed with pangas marched Momposh to the
Kilgoris police station six kilometeres away and handed him
over to police officers.
The man was remanded in custody and is set to appear in
court next Tuesday.
DNA samples have been collected from father and daughter
and have been sent to the labs in order to establish the
veracity of the allegations.


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