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Monday, 21 October 2013

5 Warning Signs That Your Mate is Tired of Your Relationship

There’s no better way to say it: breakups suck. An even worse scenario that many women
have experienced is being blindsided by the news that your partner wants out. The shock,
pain, unexpectedness, and confusion can be hard to bear. There are, however, tell-tale
signs that give fair warning that trouble is brewing and breakup is looming.
Once you have the ability to notice the signs, make the decision to address the
relationship issues before it’s too late. Better yet, turn the tables and end the relationship
first, on your terms. As unpleasant as the entire situation may be, it is always better to do
the dumping than be the dumpee.

Warning Sign #1: Dreaded Distance
A major warning sign that something is amiss in any
relationship is the development of
distance. Distance can manifest itself both emotionally and physically. In the case of
physical distance, the time and space you spend together becomes sparse and sporadic.
For example, your partner suddenly can’t make it for lunch or they’re busy all weekend
long. If he’s finding reasons to stay away without giving any good explanation, it is a
major red flag.
Emotional distancing is a subtle, but much stronger indicator that things are taking a turn
for the worse in a relationship. Does your partner avoid conversations about the future?
Does he seem to be thinking about something, or someone else, when you’re trying to
talk? Do you feel like conversations have become boring and trivial? All of the above are
likely signs that his emotional investment in the relationship, like himself, are headed out
the door.

Warning Sign
 #2: Not Calling or Texting
Remember when you used to get those random “I love you” and “I miss you” phone calls
and texts? Does he forget to call even when he’s promised to call you at a certain time?
Are phone conversations and texts short, to the point, and generic?
Subpar phone skills are one thing, but deliberately screening phone calls and avoiding
conversation is another. It is a proven fact that solid relationships need strong
communication. Not making the effort to call or text is a sign that your partner has lost
interest in communicating with you and that you’re on your way out.

Warning Sign #3: In
timacy Hits an All-Time Low
If your sex life has become stale, routine, or non-existent – watch out. Death in the
bedroom is a precursor to the death of a relationship. In many cases, men shying away
from physical contact signifies losing interest or that they have someone else on the side.
Try as you might to spice it up or snuggle up, if he isn’t responding to your advances, it’s
time to throw in the towel.

Warning Sign #4: He’s Pl
aying Mind Games
It isn’t always easy to notice when a man is playing mind games. However, don’t forget it
takes two to tango. You know something is up if he:
Pulls the on-again, off-again routine
Guilt trips you for no apparent reason
Makes you feel crazy or needy for asking for attention
Deliberately hurts your feelings to ruin your mood
Tries to make you jealous by flirting with or talking about other girls
Don’t let your partner play these mind games by using distance as a preamble to the actual
breakup. He may believe that by physically and emotionally distancing himself, you’ll
either forget about him or get upset enough to start a fight – giving him the perfect
opportunity to point out that the relationship isn’t what it used to be.

Warning Sign #5: The Unnecessarily
Complicated Alibi
Believe it or not, guys are often legitimately busy – just like you. Things start to get a
little fishy when he has overly elaborate explanations regarding why he can’t hang out.
Unless he is a workaholic with severe health issues, working late on “a special project” for
two weeks straight while fitting in three doctor’s appointments “for an old leg injury” are
not normal. The more detailed the reason for avoiding you, the more suspicious you
should become.
Now that you’re aware of these five warning signs that your mate is tired of your
relationship, be on the lookout for them.


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