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Monday, 8 July 2013

8 Nigerian Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Belly Fat clinically known as central obesity or Abdominal obesity,  
is the accumulation of abdominal fat resulting in an increase in waist size. It has been proven that there is a strong correlation between central obesity (Belly Fat) and cardiovascular disease.
Studies have shown that belly fat is the last form of fat used up by 
the body, which means it takes much more effort and 
determination to make it disappear from your body

Therefore if you have a Big Belly, you should pay close attention
to the educative articles on this blog and practice the healthy
living tips available here.

Now, let's talk about Nigerian Foods that burn Belly Fat:

Foods that burn belly fat represents a significant part of a weight loss plan.
This means adding more nutrients and fiber to your diet plan.
Fat burning foods are "thermogenic” foods. These are REAL, WHOLE FOODS, that are high in complex carbohydrates and protein and they burn fat because:
They require more energy for the body to break them down and use. This results in extra calories being burned just for the sake of digestion and cellular metabolism.
They help to increase our metabolism which results in less insulin being released into the blood stream and a more balanced energy flow during our waking hours resulting in less snacking on sugary sweets.
Now, the secret of making thermogenic foods work for you is to combine it with lean proteins (which I will talk about shortly). When you learn to do this during eating times, what you are doing is putting together the foundation for a flatter belly.
Now, let’s take a look at the list of Nigerian foods that would help you burn your belly fat speedily:
Yams (almost same as sweet potatoes): when combined with a lean protein such as egg or chicken breast and some vegetables such tomatoes, spinach or cucumbers, this will ensure that the extra calories are burned off to prevent to storage of fat in your belly and around your waist. 
Soy milk: The milk has no fat and a rich source of vegetable protein. 
The protein content can measure up to the proteins provided by meats.
Green vegetables and fruits contain ample amounts of fiber that helps ease constipation. Fibers also delays carbohydrates and glucose absorption. Fibers help detoxify and cleanse the system.

A Banana has only 105 calories and almost no fat. It contains B6, magnesium and potassium and is also rich in fiber. You could combine it with the right amount of rice and beans. When taken at the right time of the day, would help burn off the calories to keep fat from accumulating in your belly.

Oatmeal (your popular Quaker oats, which are now available in small sachets in Nigerian markets) helps dissolve fats, and unhealthy cholesterol and this in turn prevents diabetes, and stroke (did you know that?)

Olive oil is the best component for dressing in salads. Olive oil has proven reputation to lower the unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Turkey, Chicken, and Pork. Of the three, turkey is probably the healthiest, 
as it’s the leanest; however they all have substantial amounts of Leucine, 
the amino acid found in the protein of lean meats. This stimulates your 
blood sugar and insulin levels, making you feel fuller and suppressing your 
desire for food. Additionally, Leucine also raises the amount of glucose used 
by your muscles, which would otherwise have been saved as fat around your waist and belly.

You should also eat Nuts. They are filling and rich in protein, and are high in fat, but the unsaturated variety, which if consumed in portion-controlled amounts might aid in burning belly fat. By taking the place of more usual protein options, nuts can diminish the saturated fat and calories in your complete diet program and are considered top fat burning foods for losing weight. coconuts and walnuts are wonderful as an integral part of your best fat burning foods.

From the health standpoint, the greasier it is, the less healthy it is; always remember this, when you go to the eatry or mama put to grab your food

There is the right way to combine all the foods listed above. When combined over a 28day period, this healthy eating habit would force the fat in your belly to melt away, and within 28days of following the healthy eating habit plan you should begin to see results of a flatter belly.
One thing you should remember is this
The Longer you wait to get deal with your BellyFat, the more difficult it becomes for it to melt away.
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