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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Woman Who Had Sex With Cat Attacks 72 Year Old Neighbour For 'Telling Everyone'

The woman above identified as Kristina Michelle Brown, 23, has been arrested for attempting to stab her neighbor 72, for 'telling everyone' her secret.
Kristina who had sex with her cat tried to stab her neighbor  72-year-old Elmer Morrison with a knife– because she thought he told others about her secret.
Asked by cops why she tried to stab him, she replied: “I had sex with my cat and now everyone knows.”
Mr Morrison told police an irate Christina stood at the fence between their houses, shouting at him to come outside.
She allegedly had a blade in her hand, asking: “Do you want to die?”
Brown, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, told officers after her arrest that she was angry at Mr Morrison because she believed he spilled her secret to other neighbors.
Retired salesman Mr Morrison however insists he knew anything about Brown’s 'sexcapades' with her pet.
Brown, who lives with family and a number of cats and dogs, has been charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon.
Sex with a cat??? Is that even possible???? Weird stuff.


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