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Saturday, 20 July 2013

3-wheeled commuter cars are here

A startup vehicle manufacturer has introduced little three-wheeled commuters car that feature two tyres in the front and just one at the back.
The United Based motor company, Elio Motors, said it is looking to gain an edge in the burgeoning ultra-high mileage commuter market.
The founder, Paul Elio has, introducing the car at a recent function, demanded that his vehicle live up to four basic principles.
First, the three-wheeled car had to get at least 84 miles to a four-litre fuel on the highway.
Second, it shouldn’t be too expensive, to cost no more than $6,800. It had to also receive a 5-star safety rating in spite of its size.
Finally, the founder said Elio’s car had to be American made, and so far,
the three-wheeled car is said to have met those marks.
Weighing in at 850 pounds, the Elio’s light weight allows it to glide without the need for an SUV-sized fuel tank.
The vehicle is also equipped with five airbags, leaving a little room in the car described as a “skinny car” to hit anything hard once they have deployed.
Currently, the car has lived up to its founder’s specifications only in the form of a few prototypes.
But Elio is yet to undergo federal crash test rating. This, along with some other needed tests, motor analysts said means the prototypes, which have so far emerged painted shades of silver, black, white, blue, orange (called creasicle), red and bright green are not street legal yet.
Elio’s vice president of marketing, Chip Stempeck, according to the company, will soon be on tour to market the vehicle.
The automaker said it will soon start assembling its three-wheel cars in an old General Motors plant in Louisiana.


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