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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Strange But True: Hovering Bird Falls, Transforms Into Elderly Woman In Lagos

In another 'movie-like' real life scenario, reports making rounds on line has it that a bird has transformed into an elderly woman in Lagos.
According to the source, it happened on Thursday at Afromedia street in the Okokomaiko area of Lagos.
Eye witnesses claim that three (3) birds were flying in the area and suddenly one fell and landed into a water puddle. To the shock of onlookers, the bird changed into the woman pictured above.
But for the timely
intervention of the police, the bird-turned-woman who confessed to witchcraft and revealed she is a native of Ikole, a town in Ekiti State will have been lynched by the angry mob.
In the past, I've heard of such occurrences, but never believed it to be true...but then again, we live in a very STRANGE world so nothing impossible.
Now, I'm seriously wondering how the police will handle the case when there are no stipulated laws dealing with witchcraft. Things are really happening


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