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Monday, 15 July 2013

Horrific: Family of 5 set themselves on fire in protest (Viewer Discretion)

A family has died after setting themselves on fire in protest against a threat to demolish their home, the mother remains  in a very critical condition.
Two brothers, their mother and their wives went inside the compound of government offices in Rajkot, in Gujarat, western  India out of desperation to protect their home of 35 years after government’s  attempt to demolish it because it was unsafe.
According to reports, both sons and their wives died of their  injuries at Rajkot Civil Hospital as the mother struggles to stay alive.
‘They had sustained 90  to 95 per cent burns to their bodies. They were
in a critical condition. We  tried to save them but in the end we couldn’t do enough,” Dr Sanjay Shah said.
Daily Mail reports:
Hasumati Dalvani, 62, her sons Bharat  Mansingh, 40, and Girish Mansingh, 38, and their wives Asha, 35, and Rekha, 33,  had poured kerosene over their bodies before setting themselves  ablaze.
Witnesses tried to extinguish the fires with  pieces of curtain material, but were too late.
 However, the mayor of Rajkot city, Janak  Kotak, said the municipality had no plans to demolish the house and their  grievances were with the residents.Police arrested four other people who  assisted the family in their suicides.
The Rajkot Municipality has confirmed a  compensation figure of £27,700 to the family.


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