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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Lol,,Shark bites man lips as he tried kissing it (photos)

Lol how can you kiss a shark? Well, a Diving guide Dave Marcel who had been taking tourists
out on Elbow Reef off Key Largo, Florida for years got bitten by a shark after he attempted to
kiss it. Marcel would prove their harmlessness by kissing the sharks, and then allowing the
tourists to do the same.
Until the day one of the sharks bit back.
The shark bite was caught on camera and aired on Discovery Channel as a part of this year's
'Shark Week.'
Marcel's key mistake that day was
flipping the shark upside down before planting a smooch -
something he hadn't done before.
Marcel didn't realize that since the shark's eyes are on top of it's head, it wouldn't see him
and would assume he was being fed fish.
Instead of passively receiving the peck, the shark bit down with all 500 of it's razor-sharp



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