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Sunday, 11 August 2013

It is right to be Jealous, But... "Jennifer's Signature"

A little jealousy is a good tonic for your relationship,but when you go overboard with it,it becomes a negative feeling that could lead to a disatrous consequences. You need to understand how to deal with jealousy in a relationship. How?

1 BE CLEAR ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. When you are jealous,you should not hide it,be open to your partner about your feelings,explain what the situation is about and find a solution together. Communication is essential in every relationship. when you do not communicate and explain your feelings this could result to disatrous consequences which you may end up regretting."DONT EXPECT YOUR PARTNER TO KNOW HOW YOU FEEL".

2 GIVE TRUST. Give your partner the feeling that you trust them. It will have an apposite effect if your partner gets the idea that you are suspicious of them. Suspicion will never work positively. "DO NOT ALLOW MERE SUSPICION TO KILL YOUR RELATIONSHIP".

3 ENQUIRE IF YOU'RE CURIOUS. Ask your partner questions,if you are not clear(but be warned don't ask in a suspicious tone nor in an angry tone nor raise questions that will cause problems) about his or her relationship with other people especially the opposite sex." DONT JUMP INTO CONCLUSION"

4 PICK UP A HOBBY. In other not to allow jealousy to take over your love life,endeavour to pick a hobby that will take your thinking away from jealousy.

5 SEEK THERAPY. If the above listed remedies fails,the final way to deal with jealousy is to seek professional help for your irrational feelings and thoughts. You can contact us via



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