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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ngozi Nwosu returns to Fuji House of Commotion

It’s been two months since delightful actress Ngozi Nwosu returned from London after a successful heart and kidney treatment and we can tell you she is back on the set of Fuji house of commotion.

This photograph dated 7th July 2013, shows Ngozi looking very much her old self after emaciating considerably in the course of her battle with the illness.
Governor Fashola of Lagos state and friends of the actress in February this year came to her rescue as Ngozi battled to raise six million naira to undergo a much needed treatment abroad to stop a rampaging heart and kidney disease.
The governor donated 4.5 million naira after reportedly reading of her ailment in a publication. Another 2 million was raised by her friends and corporate organisations who donated their widows mite to the distress call.

Ngozi is grateful to fans who never stopped praying for her since the news of her medical condition broke.  They had unshaken hope that she will come back to them again … alive and well!

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