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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Gulder Ultimate Search returns

As the 10th  edition of Nigeria’s leading reality  TV show, Gulder Ultimate Search gathers momentum, viewers have been saddled with the very first task of choosing this year’s  Gatekeepers.
Toeing the path of last year’s edition, the Gatekeepers for Gulder  Ultimate Search 10 will be chosen by viewers from the past winners of  the reality TV show. Dominic Mudabai, Michael Nwachukwu and  Christopher Okagbue, winners of Seasons 4,5 and 8 respectively,  emerged  the viewers’ choice last year.
Any of them is eligible to return as a Gatekeeper this year, if the viewers so desire. The list of past winners which the voting public  can also vote from includes: Ezeugo Egwuagu (GUS 1 winner), Lucan Chambliss (GUS 2 winner), Hector Jobarteh (GUS 3 winner), Uche  Nwaezeapu (GUS 6 winner), Oyekunle Oluwaremi (GUS 7 winner) and the  reigning champion, Paschal Eronmose (GUS 9 winner).
While two Gatekeepers will return for this year’s edition, it remains  unsure what
roles they will be playing.
Last year, the Gatekeepers sudden appearance at tasks meant the eviction of a contestant; and  they also played the role of leading the contestants to advanced  stages as the show progressed.
Mr. Emmanuel Agu, Marketing Manager, Gulder, Nigerian Breweries Plc. said, “This year will mark the 10th  edition of Gulder Ultimate Search, Nigeria’s  longest running reality TV show. Each edition of Gulder Ultimate Search adopts a unique theme and storyline, which serves as  the roadmap for the contestants?
Challenges. Just like last year, we  are asking the audience to choose two past winners who will play the  role of Gatekeepers. One of the hallmarks of Gulder Ultimate Search is  suspense. All I can say for now is that the 10th edition will be  iconic.”
The Marketing Manager urged the show’s ardent viewers to choose their  favourite past winners via the Gulder Ultimate Search website, twitter handle and Facebook page. Fans  have from Friday, June 14 till Wednesday, July 17, 2013 to make their  choice from the list of nine past winners.
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